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crashers. the white house has confirmed the salahi's met president obama in the receiving line. the probe in to how the couple got past security is moving closer to a criminal investigation to see if they misrepresented themselves at the security gate. their attorney insists the couple was cleared by the white house to be there. 9 news now's armando trull has more from the information center. >> reporter: the virginia couple that came to dinner at the white house without an invitation, possibly hoping it would secure them a spot on real house wives of dc has a welcome dose of reality. >> the reality phenomenon is driving people to do drastic things. >> reporter: they may have been seeking the limelight when they crashed the state dinner, met president obama in the receiving line and then posted pictures with vice president biden and other celebrities on facebook. >> there's a all kinds of ambition in washington and this is just the latest example of it sort of running amok. >> running amok got them the media spotlight instead of the limelight. their winery filed for bankruptcy. their aus
the coldest air of the season on the way. president obama: we are americans. we're a forward-looking people. last year, virginia, you helped lead a movement... of americans who believed that their voices could make a difference. that's what we need to do in this race. that's what creigh deeds is committed to. i need every one of you to get fired up once again so that we can go towards the future with creigh deeds leading the great commonwealth of virginia! >>> welcome back. it's a potential huge blow to thousands of small and mid-sized businesses. cit group, the company that helps provide loans to keep them operated filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday. after being denied another bailout by the government, the company was forced to file chapter 11. >> the potential ripple effect of cit's bankruptcy is large. if it can keep on lending while it reorganizes, we'll be okay. if not, there'll be businesses that fail on top of that. >> this is the fifth largest bankruptcy in u.s. history. it marks the first time the government has lost money through the tarp program. >>> health and consumer a
't happen in this race. >> mcdonald says president obama called him this morning and says this election was not a referendum on president obama's leadership. he says it was really about kitchen table issues like jobs and energy and transportation. as to talk that mcdonald could be the next presidential nominee, they are drinking a lot of kool-aid. they will start a bob mcdonald transition website and they have jobs there. in richmond, wusa9.com. >>> despite plenty of criticism, mcdonald insisted that he can provide $1.5 billion a year for transportation by drilling offshore for energy, issuing bonds and selling state liquor stores. he repeated his promise today of no new taxes. >>> not a bad day. crisp, clear. >> and the clouds came in. they are going to be with us for a while. >> and tonight, the clouds will linger and the cold air is going to be here for a while. another shot of a reenforcement of the cool air. here's your forecast first. for tomorrow, variable clouds. mostly cloudy. variable clouds is a nice way of saying it. a couple sprinkles possible. mountain snow flurries tomo
: leslie, a year after president obama turned the virginia commonwealth blue for the first time in half a century, nearly half a century, republican bob mcdonnell's polls are sitting on what looks like a commanding double digit lead in this race. he criss-crossed the commonwealth campaigning in northern virginia in the mt. vernon neighborhood where he grew up. we just talked to the republican national chairman about how wide the horizons are for mcdonnell if he wins and we talked to mcdonnell about how he hopes to govern. >> govern from the middle as opposed from the right. >> i'm going to govern on getting results. i'm a conservative, i'm a fiscal conservative, and everywhere i go in virginia people tell me they cannot sustain more taxes and regulations, especially in light of what we see coming out of the congress. >> reporter: how big is the stage for bob mcdonnell should he win tonight? >> it's a big stage. >> reporter: will he be a spokesman for the republican party nationally? >> he will be whatever he need at that point. he'll have the responsibility of getting this and moving
obama and the first lady joined hundreds of military families to mourn their loss. right now, the president is still meeting with families of the victim from those shootings. >>> no faith, justifying these murderous and praised acts. no just in loving god to walk upon them in favors. >> but what he has done, we know that the killer will be met with justice in this world and the next. >> reporter: major nadal hasan is believed to have killed 13 people and wounded 29 others in the attack last thursday. he's in the hospital right now and in stable condition. a presentation that he made to fellow psychiatrists at walter reed army medical center has attracted the attention of federal investigators. was it a sign of things to come as audrey barnes is live in the information center with more on this and on that part of the story. >> reporter: that dan hasan was a fellow walter reed man for six years. in june of 2007, he made a presentation for the soup visors and members of the mental health staff. warning that muslims should not be forced to fight other muslims. a warning that inve
. >> reporter: critics of the white house are calling on president obama to keep the 9/11 defendant out of the country. they say trying their cases in civilian court puts americans at risk. the national national security analysts point out the suspects in the 1993 world trade center bombing were also tried in new york. >>> the ft. hood shooting suspects may be paralyzed. the attorney for malik nadal hasan says doctors have told the soldier he may be paralyzed from the waist down. meantime, a republican congressman from texas says malik nadal hasan made or accepted wire transfers from pakistan, a country with a history of muse limb extremist violence. >>> now to a developing story out of alexandria, virginia. you want to avoid the intersection of route 1 and fort hunt road. that's where an investigation is underway in to a deadly police shooting. we go there now. armando trull is live on the scene with more details. armando? >> reporter: let's look at live pictures of that scene. you are looking at the intersection of northbound u.s. 1 and fort hunt road. a lot of police presence here.
. >>> and the obama administration wants this issue wrapped up by the holidays to avoid a repeat of last summer's town hall meeting. >>> on the national weather front, call it, the calm before the storm. along the gulf coast right now, nothing more than rough surf, not enough to keep the tourists away. but trouble is helded that way. it's a storm named ida, the remanence of the hurricane. the gulf coast is expected to get hit in the next 12 hours, packing winds around 60 miles an hour. >>> rain from then hurricane ida is indirectly linked to a disaster in el sraƔfl tkor -- el salvador. one mud slide covers the entire town. and that is 30 miles outside the capitol of san san salvador. right now, more rain is falling in parts of the country. some areas are expecting up to 8 inches of water. >>> joining us from the weather terrace and topper, are we going to feel anything? >> that is a $64,000 question. you look at some of the computer models. they say yes, some say no. i'll tell you this, we'll show you the radar right now. they are getting heavy rain. that will be the main threat down there. three to
. >>> in his address to the nation tomorrow night president obama is expected to order tens of thousands more troops into afghanistan. what else will be in his new strategy? we'll have that and more tonight on the cbs 42 evening news. q (announcer) pillsbury grands! biscuits, so warm and fluffy. make the most out of the most important meal of the day. made with gooey hersheys mini-kisses. spontanious joy may occur. which beneful prepared meals. tonight? roasted chicken recipe? okay, savory rice and lamb stew. [ barks ] you're right. tonight is a beef stew kind of night. you've made another fine choice. look at those beefy chunks all packed with protein, the real vitamin-rich vegetables, the wholesome grains. and you think you're getting spoiled. it's so good for you too. [ announcer ] beneful prepared meals. another healthful, flavorful beneful. i use act. the flouride mouthwash dentists recommend. (announcer) act works with calcium to rebuild enamel. to help avoid dental problems, act daily. is. >>> you may still be eating those turkey leftovers but there's new information about the state o
. >>> president obama is back in the white house tonight after his trip to china. and there was a good bit of news waiting for him. senators are just a step closer to debating their version of the health care reform plan. republicans call it a trillion dollar experiment. but democrats insist that their bill will cover 94% of americans and cut billions from the federal deficit. >> not only do we make it more affordable, but we do it in a fiscal break. >> i told you several months ago how popular it was. it's as popular as a garlic milk shake. >> the democrats have another challenge. 60 senators have to vote yes for the debate to begin. right now, they are still a few votes shy of meeting that mark. >>> the daughter of senator john kerry has been arrested for allegedly driving drunk. los angeles police say 36-year-old al san -- alex failed a sobriety test. she was held for about five hours and released after posting bail. senator john kerry has not commented on her arrest. >>> well aol plans to cut about a third of their work force. and they are offering buyouts to employees. the company hopes that
. >>> president obama today with the turkey pardon. the tradition of pardoning turkeys began in 1947 when harry trueman was president. >>> space shuttle atlantis astronauts won't be home in time for thanksgiving dinner but they may catch black friday bargains. it indocked from the space station today for a return trip to the kennedy space center and the crew is expected to touch down on friday morning. >>> plus, the swiss daredevil had his flight cut short. he tried tried flying using a jet powered wing strapped to his back when something went wrong. he had to cut off the engine and pull the parachute and wound up landing on coast of spain where his crew rescued him. at least he had someone to rescue him. >> you don't have enough adrenalin if you strap jet engines to your back. >> i'm grounded, man. doesn't do a thing for me. >> i guess rollercoasters won't work for the next notch? >> half moon out there. here is your forecast first. next three days. thanksgiving looks nice. lots of sunshine in the morning i think. we will be in pretty good shape. your turkey trot and turkey bowls will be fine.
at a service. maryland lieutenant-governor anthony brown was there. president obama and the first lady shook hands and offered condolences to families mourning lost loved ones at arlington cemetery. the commander in chief is said to be nearing a decision about a new strategy in the war in afghanistan that could include sending up to 40,000 more troops into battle. >> our service men and women have been doing right by america for generations and as long as i am commander in chief america will do right by them. >>> the president met with his national security team at the white house for another war meeting this afternoon. aides expect him to announce his plan for afghanistan after he returns from his upcoming asia trip. >>> you could help a soldier here at home and already in need. team up with us 9news now and the uso. the bank is going to be open until 7:30 p.m. taking donations and we wants those phones to ring. the number to call 202-432-9045 or you can donate by going to wusa9.com. we have got much more coming up after the break including some new flu alert information. stay with us. >>>
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11

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